Looking for a home in Norway?

Looking for a home in Norway?

The realtor in Norway  mostly work for the benefit of the seller, while buyers and leasers are usually on their own.  Concultancy for real estate buyers and leasers is a fairly new business area in Norway and Krogsveen is the first real estate company to offer this services.

Our home buying consultants can offer you the following services:

  • Finding a house or apartment that meets your desires and financial capability
  • Helping you to make a safe property investment
  • Doing research on all the aspects of the property you are interested in, including checking the sales material
  • Participating in viewings at potential properties
  • Helping or represententing you in the bidding round and negotiations
  • In other words helping you to make a safe housing trade

We only work for the buyers:

The home buying consultants in Boligkjøpsrådgiver Krogsveen are educated realtors. That means that we have good knowledge of laws and regulations, the market and the methods of the seller’s realtor.  Therefore we are able to secure you a good investment and a secure housing trade.  We have chosen to only work with the buyers in the housing market as an impartial representative.

We have already helped many people, both foreigners living in Norway and people living abroad, to find a suitable home in Norway.

If you want to rent a house or apartment in Norway we are pleased to help you.

You are very welcome to contact us for a noncommittal talk or send us an e mail.

Trude Larsen,    T: +47  950 37 330                    trude.larsen@boligkjopsradgiver.no

Morten Ekfelt,    T:: +47 932 56 370                    morten.ekfelt@boligkjopsradgiver.no



Trude Larsen

If you are looking for a house or apartment to buy or lease in Norway, I will help you to find a home that meets your desires and financial capability

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